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i am a pixie, i'm a paperdoll

16th October, 2003. 8:49 am.

It's been very...quiet here, lately...sort of like the calm before the storm.

Speaking of storms, MY HEAD HURTS. I'm sure none of you are surprised. The only problem with hanging out with heavyweight drinkers is that I'm not one, but it's so difficult not to keep taking those drinks. I think I really need to stop at two from now on-- that sort of pleasant "I feel like having fun" drunk, rather than the "make the castle stop spinning" drunk. Those of you with whom I was thus intoxicated, it would be lovely if you would take note of this and stop me next time. If there is one. Oy gevalt.

I think, as this project is sort of drawing to a close, that I shall pose another question: Did you enjoy this project? Why or why not? What would you have changed?

Yes, they're very first-year-questionaire (who else remembers those lovely forms we filled out?) type questions, but I'm rather curious. Though I suppose most of the people who hated this project stopped paying attention to it, didn't they?...oh well...

Current mood: annoyed.

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15th October, 2003. 8:01 am. I'm a slave for you.

I ran out of fingerpaints the other night when Peeves doused me with my blue paint. Good thing it was strawberry flavored and therefore nontoxic! Anyway, so I'll have to wait until the next Hogsmeade weekend to get more, so maybe I'll be around more.

I, for one, am quite excited about the new house change. I've always supported anything that causes a bit of anarchy. Besides, it's just an experiment-- it's not necessarily permanent.

My back is sore.

This song is my new Ultimate Guilty Pleasure, even though the spelling of the title makes me want to cry.

Um....that's about it. ^-^

Current mood: sore.

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12th October, 2003. 7:42 am. I'm scared, Dave. Will I dream?

I've spent much of my free time in the past couple of days fingerpainting. Usually I go to the Room of Requirement for it but today I painted a mural on the inside of one of the unused classrooms on the main floor, number thirteen. ((here, yes I did that by hand in paint, yes it took a retarded amount of time, no, I have no idea what it all is =P))

That's why I've been quiet. And why I'll remain quiet probably. Owl me if you need me ^-^

Current mood: creative.

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9th October, 2003. 8:43 pm. This is how I have spent my day. With words I love to play.

A worried young man from Stamboul
Founds lots of red spots on his tool.
Said the doctor, a cynic,
"Get out of my clinic;
Just wipe off the lipstick, you fool!"

Current mood: naughty.

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8th October, 2003. 9:24 pm.

but daddy, i think i need some purple sleep dust...

Current mood: horny.

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8th October, 2003. 3:47 pm. A question for all.


Current mood: curious.

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8th October, 2003. 9:03 am.

But logic, like whiskey, loses its beneficial effect when taken in too large quantities...

I'm quite tired.

Current mood: exhausted.

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6th October, 2003. 2:08 pm.

I find it highly amusing that I seem to have the most expensive soul thus far.

I find it less amusing that I was so anxious to return to school and am now so utterly bored. *pouts*

Current mood: bored.

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5th October, 2003. 10:10 pm. Those crazy muggles!

My soul is worth £22217 (4461 galleons, 4 sickles, 4 knuts).43% of people have a purer soul than me.

This site tells you what your soul is worth!

I wonder how muggles manage to take people's souls without magic. That's most interesting.

I've been posting a lot. Sorry Zach.

(OOC-- my real soul is only worth £7200, and 87% of people have a purer soul than me. Ouch.)

Current mood: confused.

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5th October, 2003. 9:27 pm.

While I was in America, I fell in love with these muggle candies known as "Gushers." They're gummy candies on the outside, but when you eat them, this sticky juice stuff "gushes" out. They're excellent.

Go ahead. Make dirty jokes. I dare you!

Current mood: silly.

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